Multidimensional Living in the NOW...

>  Inspired messages about living creatively
> Personalized metaphysical energy art offerings
> Creative website + business strategy services

…all supporting your unique path + passions…


Quantum Conversations Web Interview, July 2016
Jenny gave an overview of her background, spoke
Light Language + messages about energy changes in
our shifting times + living your life creatively

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Personal Energy Guidance Sessions

>  Understanding world energy shifts happening NOW
>  How to manifest your unique creative soul expression
Live “Light Language” energy transmissions

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Energetic Frequency Signature Creations

Jenny intuits your unique Energetic Frequency, + creates
a multidimensional work of art just for you that includes:
   > glyph drawing + energy script + spoken light language

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Web & Business Services

Jenny provides variety of interactive services including:
>  Website design + blogs + social media
Creative business strategies + solutions
Project management + event planning

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Jenny's Presentations: Messages of Light

Hire Jenny to share Light Language energy + messages for:
   >  Presentations, workshops + Seminars
   >  Ceremonies + sacred events

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Metaphysical Artwork Creations

Jenny creates  “Language of Light” energy artwork:
   >  Purchase her multidimensional art
   >  Commission her to create new metaphysical art

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Event Coordination

Jenny provides coordination + personal/guest speakers for:
>  Discussion groups + workshops
>  Inspirational events + event panels
> Energetic + creative presentations

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Collaboration Projects

Work together with Jenny on collaborative projects:
>  Calling Artists/Healers/Performers/Wisdom Keepers
>  Seeking new partnerships
> Create new events + art + messages together

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Life = ART.

Welcome… YOU have arrived.

Jenny Marks is an energetic guide + artist who offers various services to inspire your lifestyle.
She’s a “creative inspirationalist” bridging ancient wisdom + modern life during these energetically shifting times — encouraging co-creators to re-mem-ber their true nature, develop their unique heart & soul expressions + manifest the creative life of their dreams.
New world, new earth, new you.
Welcome… YOU have arrived.


MESSAGES FROM “THE ARCS”, other Star Nations and various energy beings:
Some themes include:
– LIGHT LANGUAGE: What it is, how to connect with your own Energetic Signature + inspiration to manifest your own Language of Light
– LIFE = ART: Living life as a creative expression –using the tools, symbols and essence of art-making to manifest your unique creative gifts into the world
– RIDING THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL WAVE: Dimensional changes during these shifting times + symptom relief + utilizing these energies in this NOW moment


Live spoken Languages of Light + energetic guidance from her Higher Self + Star Guides — about your life + the shifting times we are now living in. These help to identify + unlock blocks in your energetic system, shift your personal DNA coding, re-energize your true creative soul’s purpose + show you how to activate your own intuitive abilities inside you. In person or via phone.

(1) Jenny gathers a “reading” of your individual energetic frequency from your Higher Self.
(2) Then, she creates a unique, hand-crafted artistic package of digital files  (glyph drawing + written galactic script + spoken light language) — an energy activation tool that enlightens your unique life purpose + helps actualize your own powers of creative manifestation.
(3) Upon receipt, you “activate” these items which awakens energy codes embedded in the files + realigns your body energetics on a cellular level, connects with your Higher Self, unfolds layers of intuition + awakens your own personal energetic expressions to creatively manifest the life of your dreams.

Jenny is available to share her Live spoken Languages of Light + energetic messages from her Higher Self + Star Guides at any venue including:
– Presentations, workshops + seminars
– Ceremonies + sacred events
– Panel coordination + MC
– Children’s art + energy classes/gatherings


– Customized website design, maintenance + redesigns
– Project management
– Creative business strategy
– Social media marketing campaigns + promotions
– Copy writing + editing
– Photo shoots + image editing
– Video promotional + documentary shoots + editing
– Event coordination, planning + host/mc
– Training for website blogging + maintenance
– Press Kits + some print design
– Various other business services



Welcome… YOU have arrived.

Life is vibrant + alive… ride the wave brilliantly with style + grace from your heart.
Express your true radiance. 
Share your gifts in the world.

– LIGHT+ LOVE, jenny


Energetic messages about living creatively + following your creative heart’s passion…
in this new shifting world we’re experiencing in the NOW.

Poem to the Wise Elders: Grandmothers + Grandfathers + Youth

Merging Masculine & feminine, head & heart, ancient wisdom & modern energetics. Essence of the water, smooth and flowing free take me to a higher plane that’s where I want to be Formation of Fire, materialize above build your strength in inner power, fill it with your love. To the Grandmothers, We have joined you in prayer and ceremony—I know the water is the eternal language, the essence of the light codes in our system, that carries the Star Messages. During Ceremony I see all the ancient ones in ceremony above our heads, in a circle talking through the bark of the trees and whispering sweet sounds through the breeze. The fire circle opens a portal above our heads to the heavens and beyond the beyond, so those in other realms join with you. You merge the east and west coast when merging with the elementals and water and Mother Earth. The ancients are happy. You are all following the call of Spirit in your hearts, and humble you all are, so generous in heart. When we are around you, we long to just sit near you and feel your love. We see you in the hills, and in the city too. When you are in any city doing ceremony, the ground and concrete and tunnels and hard streets take note, and became gentle for your walk, and the roads part on your way. You show the way by your be-ing. Hue-man be-ing. Grandmother says we are re-member-ing. Thank you for your smiles, your wisdom, your way. To the Grandfathers, In the south, north, east, west, middle-way, we.are.coming.back. we have... read more

:: During these intense times — choose to live in Love + Light + Joy

Message from the ARCs: During these intense times — choose to live in Love + Light + Joy. Remember a knowing inside of you that is incredibly powerful — all your thoughts + feelings do manifest the world around you. Look for the helpers, look for the signs of change… put your heart into love + do not fear “fear”, give it no power here… In these days of intense transition, know that systems must always break down during the changing of the guard… YOU are the ones who change the world, from one act of kindness + one positive thought… we can be empathic for the suffering of others and still be determined to radiate joy together in the world. Understand there are motives behind every action happening in the world… there exists the law of free will — you can also choose your own motives + actions to correct our collective destiny + steer this earthship together in a new direction. Inspire another, instantly forgive those who are not conscious of humanity, and love, love love. The shift of ages is happening now, walk in gentle strength, no fear. There is light at the end of this tunnel because it becomes a doorway into a new form of living + existence. Eye see it, feel it, know it. Eye know U do too. xox, love you all.. Share... read more

: : Your Physical Portal (+ Personal GPS) Moves Your Spirit Between Dimensions

What’s happened with the recent energetic shift is that our higher dimensional selves have come “onboard” so to speak — we are now operating at a higher frequency (but to most people’s perception that haven’t graduated into understanding of the 5D shift yet may still feel like they are living in the same 3D world they have always lived in, recreating 3D stuff + work + families + issues etc. Instead of experiencing 3D life and looking outward + upward believing we can climb the spiritual ladder to our “better” selves, we have instead inverted dimensions in a way due to the Shift in consciousness caused by the influx of higher frequencies — we actually NOW reside at a higher frequency and are being offered the opportunity at will to come “down” into the 3D world to finish some earthly business, and let go of all that no longer serves us. The key in all this is that our physical (plus spiritual + mental) bodies are not only absorbing a higher form of energy, but they are THE conduit for the change in our overall system — your bodies have been pre-wired with all the information you need to navigate wherever you want to go — now you need to learn how to tap into it and begin to use it to travel in + out of wherever you want to go etc. You are truly a Portal and a pillar channel of energy from the higher realms into this world, and must begin or continue to learn how to navigate your Lightbody ship (i.e. your body system).  One... read more

: : Welcome to the New World + the New You.

We are all collectively shifting into a very new way of BEING in the world — due to energetic changes in the electromagnetic flow of energy in the universe, established systems reforming themselves and people waking up to their true poet and potential and human beings in the NOW (living this exact moment in time). You may feel changes happening all around you in your world — a desire to change jobs or relationships or where you live, a need to seek out a deeper purpose in your life, finding and living by new values that you passionately believe in, wanting to find and align with your true purpose for being on earth at this time, and even physical and spiritual changes you may be experiencing (most of your “symptoms” are due to an influx of new energetic information coming from the sun and your whole body system coming “online:) — you are waking up out of a long, deep slumber and may be finding that the world feels different… well IT IS. We have now entered into a very new time, a really new Golden Age of the New earth and New You and New Possibilities — where manifestation and materialization of new dreams and realities are really possible… people are awakening to the reality that they now have the ability to create anything the want or need… with a few new ways of BEING in and experiencing the world. Your life is really a creative act, and you are the driver, the Master Creator of your destiny, your reality, your joy, your day-to-day reality. Trust that this is occurring, and you will... read more

: : Play – It’s all for Your Growth

Play… have fun + celebrate little moments in your day (especially the most difficult ones). Know that everything that happens to you is exactly what you need in that moment for your growth… and welcome it with open arms. When you strip away all the Stuff…you can truly respect all that is in the world… no longer reacting to what is happening around you, you begin to generate Light and Life from you and create exactly what you need outward as your gift to the world. Love + Light, Jenny. Share... read more

: : Let Go, Upgrade  + Write Your Own Blueprint Manual In This Frequency Time Shift

You are here on the planet in this NOW moment to live out all your dreams + desires. All the experiences in this life’s journey (and your past lives—as we have been many people + places) inform you how to raise your own personal vibration, to shape your life to your liking + help the worldly Collective shift to a new way of interacting  — new community, new conversational + transactional exchanges, new ways of interacting with the environment, new art forms + new ways of being. Worldly systems (finance, culture, entertainment, food, etc.) appear outwardly to be falling apart at the seams, but this is part of the energetic transitional shifting process + has a purpose to create new ways of interacting. Coming onboard are new, open + inspiring methodologies + visionary actions taking place to shift the whole system that will completely redefine what our current world looks like and how it operates. All these will come to fruition in the very near future. Like the calm before the storm, the Sun is not too far away on the other side of the cloud, and it will become visible once the wind blows the clouds onward. This is a processing time for all of us to review + let go of personal + collective past traumas (we all churn these emotionally/physically/spiritually), outplayed family dynamics + old behavioral conditioning we have been told that we thought defined our identity. Energetically, all is now coming up for “review” for everyone — to let go of these outdated energies once + for all,  so we can move forward with a... read more

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